Silk Bangle - Rhodium Set
Silk Bangle - Rhodium Set
Silk Bangle - Rhodium Set
Silk Bangle - Rhodium Set
Silk Bangle - Rhodium Set
Forbidden Hill

Silk Bangle - Rhodium Set

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Featuring pure Thai silk, this bangle comes with interchangeable silk slides in three vibrant shades that can be mixed and matched depending on your outfit of the day.

Proudly designed in Singapore and crafted by artisans in the region, the bangle incorporates geometric motifs inspired by Asian architecture. Made with rhodium, each bangle features a brilliant silver shine and high reflectivity, and is highly resistant to scratches.

The bangle is available in two sizes (small and large) and in three designs: Iskander, Huế and Lotus.

The Iskander design is reminiscent of the hypnotically intricate patterns found in architecture across the Malay Archipelago; it's named after the legendary Iskandar Shah, the last of the Maharajas of the Kingdom of Singapura. 

The Lotus design is inspired by the graceful flower, which can also be found floating in lakes all over Southeast Asia; it is also the national flower of Vietnam. Its form has been stylised and incorporated in art and architecture in the region; this includes the stupas of the Khmer temples of Angkor and the Sukothai temples of Thailand. 

Huế design is inspired by the namesake city and UNESCO World Heritage Site in Vietnam. The beautiful remains of this citadel are admired by people from all over the world; the mesmerising pattern found on latticework in its innermost enclosure, the Purple Forbidden City, is echoed in the Huế Bangle design.


  • For wrists up to 15.5cm around, select the small bangle
  • For wrists between 15.5cm and 17cm around, select the large bangle

Other Product Specifications:

  • White rhodium-plated finish
  • The bangle is available in three designs: Iskander, Huế and Lotus.
  • The Silk Bangle Set sold on Tatler Home Curates includes three pairs of interchangeable Silk Slides – Peacock Green, Sunset Orange and Guava Pink.

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