Treat Yourself This Christmas With These 10 Home And Decor Gifts

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Scent your room with a calming home fragrance, buy an accent piece for your room or hint to your loved ones about the gifts on your wishlist—shop online and discover these and more fabulous collections here

Now that we're spending more time at home, the way that we furnish our abodes seem more important than ever before. Besides doing gift shopping for your family and loved ones, it can be a good time to refresh your interior to create a more uplifting and inspiring space that can help boost your mood.

Stay in and shop online—here, we pick out some stunning collections to consider:

1. Candy Bench

This fun and colourful bench is a quirky furniture piece that will add a playful touch to your space. With candy-like cushions, it is definitely a conversation starter. The bench features a beautiful stained oak frame and brushed brass edges that complements any furniture piece you have.  

Available at Tatler Homes Curates


2. Altruistic Alphabet Porcelain Collection

These plates are part of the S for Social initiative by Supermama that features design by artists with intellectual disabilities; this initiative is set up with the intention of enabling these artists to be self-reliant financially. The plates feature customised letterings that is stamped on in gold leaf and handcrafted by Japanese artisans. Each plate has a unique design so you can be sure that the plate you are getting is one of a kind.  

Available at Tatler Homes Curates 

3. Roger&Sons Angsana Whisky Cabinet

This solid angsana wood whisky cabinet from Roger&Sons is perfect for a night in with shelving to display all your liquor and accessories. The cabinet is specially crafted for displaying your prized collections and the tabletop acts as a multifunctional space where you can use to enjoy your drinks.

Available at Tatler Homes Curates; the whisky cabinet is also sold with 10 exclusive bottles on Tatler Curates

4. Akar de Nissim Iris Coffee Table

The Iris coffee table from Akar de Nissim is an intricate centerpiece that features a unique shape that is a cross between a circle and a square–a squircle.

This distinctive coffee table would definitely be the centre of attention during your Christmas gatherings. The table features buffalo horn set in fibreglass and lacquered in a glossy solid black finish. Its base is finished in Akar de Nissim’s specialty 10-layer lacquering process so you can be sure that this piece is sturdy and scratch proof.  

Available at Tatler Homes Curates 

5. Akar de Nissim Gatsby Floor lamp

This lamp features a sculptural solid oak frame that conceals any electrical wiring, giving the lamp a sleek outline. This lighting will give your home an elegant look with its white cotton lampshade made out of Anthracite salt satin finish with black trimmings– a lighting piece that will definitely elevate your space.  

Available at Tatler Homes Curates 

6. Talking Textiles River City Canvas Limited Edition Print

This limited-edition artwork from Talking Textiles features the iconic skyline of Singapore's Marina Bay district. The made to order artwork is a mixed media piece by Deborah McKeller with a combination of acrylic, silk screen printing, fabric appliqués and stitched work on a linen canvas. 

Available at Tatler Homes Curates 

7. Dexter Chair

The Dexter chair from Living With Dot has solid timber structures that gives the entire piece a sleek look. The modern look makes the chair extremely versatile and complimentary to furniture pieces that you currently have. With easy-care faux leather, the chair is easy to maintain and fuss free. 

Available at Tatler Home Curates 

8. Gucci velvet square G cloud jacquard cushion

This accent cushion takes inspiration from Gucci’s iconic Handbag collection which features a geometric cloud pattern with the square Gs. The pillow which is part of the Souvenir from Rome home decor series and has a reversible red checkered back.

Available at Tatler Curates 

9. Gucci GG and Check wool throw blanket

Enjoy a night in with this wool throw blanket from Gucci. This blanket is the perfect throw to elevate your furniture with its red and ivory check pattern that compliments the fringes and the brown and yellow G strips.

Available at Tatler Curates

10. Bynd Artisan's Candle Trio Sets

Infuse your home with Christmas scents this festive season with these exquisite leather-clad scented candles from Bynd Artisan. Each of these candles comes in a frosted glass jar with a wooden lid and a leather sleeve with heartwarming words of ‘Love’, ‘Peace’ and ‘Joy’ making it the perfect Christmas décor that can be used during this festive season or all year round.

Available at Tatler Curates

11. Shang Xia – Hexagon Wood Parquet Tray

This multi-veneer tray has a geometric like design and is extremely functional. With the use of multiple natural toned woods like the American black walnut, Indian mahogany and African anigre, the tray has a unique mix of dark and light wood tones that compliments and contrast each other well. This tray has a subtle yet distinctive design that allows it to be used anywhere.  

Available at Tatler Curates

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