This Swiss-Made Washing Machine Offers Innovative Laundry Solutions

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The Adora washing machine by Swiss brand V-Zug is a multifunctional appliance that promises to gently clean clothes, shoes and other items 

The V-zug's Adora washing machine


Whether you’re washing your workwear or delicate pieces, your everyday laundry routine can be made easier with the Adora washing machine from V-ZUG. The award-winning Swiss manufacturer is known for its high-quality household devices, among which is this innovative washing appliance designed to make laundry cleaning a fuss-free process. 

One of Adora’s inventive highlights is a WetClean function that gently washes delicates in a separate internal water cycle, using a special distribution nozzle to soak the clothing in a highly sensitive cleaning process.  

The washing machine 

Aiding the process is the Vibration Absorbing System (VAS), which delivers a low-vibration wash that ensures a minimally abrasive spin cycle. VAS avoids spins that cause imbalance and vibrations within the drum with smart seniors that detect the location and size of the load.  

The drum also contains compartments that can be filled with water to balance out any uneven distribution of clothes. This not only allows the machine to run more quietly, it also reduces the wear-and-tear effect on your garments caused by rough cycles over time.   

The Adora washing machine features an easy-to-use touchscreen interface

The dryer is suitable even for soft woollens as it dries gently with a slow spin and applies heat in measured doses so fabrics emerge fresh and fluffy. The Crease Guard programme is designed to minimise wrinkles on blouses, shirts and cotton trousers during the drying process, so ironing them afterwards is a breeze. 

If you’re washing bulkier items like shoes or soft toys, look to the Basket function, which dries gently without tossing and turning the items in the washing machine. It uses a drying basket that minimises movement inside the drum, protecting the items from damage.  

Washing is an easier chore if you don’t have to grapple with the amount of detergent to use each time. The OptiDos function detects and calculates the amount of detergent and fabric softener needed, and automatically dispenses the liquids according to the load and level of soiling. The less detergent wasted, the more economical and environmentally-friendly each wash will be.  

 This smart liquid dispensing invention is equipped with two tanks that have a 1.2- litre capacity, allowing you to go through 50 wash cycles without having to refill. It also lets you select from eight different quantities of detergent and fabric softener.

Even better, you can keep an eye on the water and energy consumption of each cycle through Adora’s EcoManagement feature as well as OptiTime, a smart delayed start function that allows you to control the duration needed to wash your load. 

The bells and whistles do not stop there. V-ZUG is the first manufacturer in the world to incorporate a heat pump technology into the Adora tumble dryer. This helps recycle heat from the process cycle and in turn, achieve low-temperature drying that’s gentle on your garments. 

For more details, visit the V-ZUG Zugorama showroom at Scotts Square for a viewing, or check out their website

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