This Local Maker Turns Glass Pieces Into Works Of Art

glass home decor Synergraphic

Backed by over three decades of experience in glasswork, local studio Synergraphic creates inspiring works of art that intrigue and surprise

A cafe setting featuring the Perugia design from Earth Tales Volume II - Italian Soul. 
This series of glass panels feature prints inspired by the textures of natural stone. All images courtesy of Synergraphic

From burnished mirror panels and art murals to ornate chandeliers, the decorative possibilities of glass are almost endless. Led by founder and creative director Florence Ng, Synergraphic is a local practice that specialises in designing, fabricating and installing custom-made interior and architectural glass art.

A bedroom that features the Olbia design from the Earth Tales Volume II collection - Italian Soul

After working in a company that sold glass doors and windows, Ng ventured abroad to learn more about glass fusing and blowing techniques, under the tutelage of American glass artists; she has worked with the medium for over three decades since the firm’s inception in 1986.

Key projects by the company include decorative glass panels created for St Regis Singapore, glass sculptures installed at Changi Airport Terminal 1 and at the entrance of the Taipei 101 tower, as well as commissioned pieces for casinos in Macau.

Today, the 27-member team includes designers, product managers, craftsmen; Ng’s daughter, Sara Ang, also works as a director at the firm. “Our history goes a long way,” says Ang, who joined the company in 2013. “We were the first and only hot glass studio in Singapore from 2004 to 2008; we were also one of the first firms to conduct glassmaking workshops for the public.” 

Synergraphic founder and creative director Florence Ng prepares the mica powder used in a colourful artwork entitled Harvest

The company has experimented with a mix of traditional stained glass and modern printing technology for recent projects, such as the series of four architectural glass windows that the firm crafted for the Trinity Christian Centre in Singapore.

“The passion for glass that my mum and her craftsmen have cannot be rivalled,” she adds. “With exciting plans for the future, we are looking forward to making glass art—both decorative and functional— more accessible to all.”

Available on Tatler Homes Curates, the Poetry Mirror from Synergraphic can be customised with your favourite word or a short phrase of up to 8 characters.

The brand looks ahead to creating more beautiful bespoke pieces as it launches Earth Tales Vol II, a series recently launched in July. It features glass panels with prints featuring beautiful, nature-inspired textures; these motifs have been adapted from photographs of gems and natural stones.

“From subtle neutral palettes to intricate sophisticated ones, (this collection) can perfectly create a stunning or subdued atmosphere, and establish an adventurous or laidback mood, shares Ang. It can highlight a feature such as a countertop or a backsplash, or fill an entire surface to complement the overall look and feel of a space. 

For more information, visit; view a selection of their custom glass pieces here.

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