How To Bring Tropical Style And Nature-Inspired Elements Into Your Bedroom

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Elevate your bedroom with greenery and a nature-influenced palette, even if you don't have a green thumb. Jeremy Tay, co-founder of Prestige Global Designs, shows you how to craft a relaxing, tropical-themed sanctuary

Getting a good night’s rest is essential to our health and wellbeing. Besides calming your busy mind before bedtime, creating an environment that is conducive to sleep is among the first steps to preparing for slumber.

Tí Furniture Murphy Bed with Desk and Shelving

We ask interior designer Jeremy Tay to share tips on how you can craft a soothing ambience, while creating a beautiful space that you’ll look forward to returning home to.

Island Living Malawi Rattan Chair, from Tatler Homes Curates

1. Include decor pieces with botanical patterns

Consider other accent pieces such as a rug or vase with botanical motifs to strengthen the tropical theme. “If the space allows for an artwork, a nature-inspired painting will brighten the room and strengthen the theme,” says the designer.


Sunday Bedding French Linen Bedding Set, available at Tatler Homes Curates


2. Embrace a garden-inspired palette

“Soothing colours in the bedroom are important for a restful night,” says the interior designer. “White or light shades, coupled with neutral tones should be the predominant colours, while shades of green can create visual interest.”

He recommends using wallpaper in an understated tone, as well as cushions and accent furniture in verdant tones in your bedroom. “If you have house plants in your room, limit the use of green on your accessories,” says Tay.

Close-up of Akar de Nissim Iris coffee table, which features buffalo horn set in fibreglass and lacquered in a glossy solid black finish; it's available on Tatler Homes Curates

3. Incorporate furniture in organic shapes

To help create a sense of calm in your bedroom look, look to furniture pieces with curved forms inspired by nature. 

Look to pieces such as the Austin sofa from Snow Globe and the Iris coffee table from Akar de Nissim; their rounded forms will also add a retro touch to your home.
Austin Curved sofa from Snow Globe, available at Tatler Homes Curates

4. Choose furnishings made of natural materials


The use of natural materials such as rattan, stone and wood can contribute to the soothing look of your bedroom. “Rattan is one of the popular materials to use to achieve a tropical theme,” says Tay. “Nature-derived materials and furnishings in woven textures can come together beautifully to create a restful look that is also modern and luxurious.”


Roger&Sons Angsana Whisky Cabinet is made with a chamfered top in leather or marble, which can be used as a tabletop for your drinks; available at Tatler Homes Curates


5. Opt for ambient lighting for a cosy glow

Look for multi-functional lamps such as the Karl side table and lamp from Living with Dot to minimise clutter in your room; these can also incorporate green elements.


Living with Dot Karl Side Table and Lamp

Other top picks include the Gatsby floor lamp from Akar de Nissim, which is beautifully crafted in dark wood. 

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