Home Office Ideas: How To Design A Stylish Workspace

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Create a versatile and conducive workspace within your home with beautiful furniture and expert tips

As the world continues to be impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home is no longer reserved solely for freelancers or self-employed entrepreneurs—it is the new normal.

A home office crafted by Prestige Global Designs

It’s also become evident that sitting on the couch with your laptop won’t cut it in the long term. If your apartment isn’t large enough for a dedicated home office, you can always consider transforming an underutilised space in your home—such as the guest room or storage area—into a multi-purpose spot instead.

“Choose an area that’s quiet and offers some privacy so you can focus,” says Jeremy Tay, director at Prestige Global Designs. “This also helps to effectively separate work from personal spaces.” Consider a spot with windows providing natural light as well as good air circulation to promote health and productivity.

Plant life livens up this minimalist study area in a bedroom designed by Upstairs_

“Know what a comfortable work environment means to you,” advises Dennis Cheok, creative director of Upstairs_. However, there are certain elements no home office can do without. “A comfortable chair for working long hours is the most essential piece for a home office,” says Elaine Lu, managing director at Hong Kong-based firm Lim + Lu.

Including a sofa bed or day bed would be ideal. It can provide a comfortable spot to answer e-mails or take care of other tasks that might not require a desk, while doubling as a bed for visiting guests. Tay also recommends a sofa with a coffee table to offer a change of scene, while Cheok suggests greenery and a sophisticated sound system if you enjoy listening to music while you work.

When it comes to colour schemes, light shades and neutrals are key. “To create a calm environment, the use of natural materials and a neutral palette would work well,” says Lu. “Less eye-straining palettes are always a good, safe start,” adds Cheok. “Pastels or more elevated, complex hues such as seafoam green are soothing to the eyes, especially if they’re in your peripheral vision for extended periods of time.”

Look to these stylish pieces below for ideas on how to create a conducive and inspiring workspace.

1. Valet Tray Set With Customised Engraving By Bynd Artisan

Keep your stationery and other frequent-use items in clear sight on your desk with these elegant trays. Crafted in cowhide with linen thread stitching, this set comprises trays in three sizes to house rings, watches, keys, loose change and other precious small items. Each tray features a faux suede inner lining and snap button closures on four sides, and can be stacked or collapsed so they can travel with you on your future trips; the set is available in black, brown, teal, taupe or red.

Specially for this collaboration with Tatler Homes Curates, these trays can be customised with lettering of up to 5 characters, in three different fonts; choose from rose gold, gold or silver, with the engraving added to the outer layer of the largest tray.

2. Poetry Mirror By Synergraphic Design

Craft a piece of art with these customisable mirrors from local glass company Synergraphic. Each mirror can be engraved with your favourite word in a letterbox-style font or a cursive typeface in a frosted finish. 

Up to 8 letters can be added in a single row onto the product, and up to 16 characters in 2 rows can be added to this piece. The mirror with the letterbox font comes in an antique finish, while the mirror engraved in a cursive font features a copper or bronze tint.


3. Murphy Bed with Desk and Shelving from Tí Furniture

This innovative piece incorporates desk, shelving and a wall-hung bed that can be stowed away in the day; a locking safety mechanism keeps the bed secure against the wall when it’s not in use.

The space-saving design of this multifunctional Murphy bed makes it especially useful in a room that doubles as your home office. 

4. Luxxy Desk Chair By Living with Dot

With its vibrant hue, this chair makes a cheerful accent piece in a home office. Its faux leather upholstery has been designed to be anti-bacterial and anti-fungal making it a breeze to clean. 

5. Dexter Chair By Living with Dot



Produced by Living with Dot, a new brand launched by TLE, this modern seat provides both comfort and elegance. Supported by a solid timber structure and dressed in easy-care faux leather, this sleek piece fits as beautifully in a home office or dining room.

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